Umbra Clothing Collections, is a textile recycling and export company with a commitment to sustainable development.

We recognise that sustainable income is vital to the voluntary/community sector, especially given the down fall in funding and the effects of the global financial crisis.

You can help by getting involved in our fund-raising initiatives to raise the much needed funding, and also supporting the diversion of waste from our nations landfills.

Umbra Clothing have a very successful relationship with charities, schools and local authorities. Through our continued active initiatives we have directed a considerable amount of waste from entering our landfill.

We Operate a wide range of collection services, these include:


Working with teachers, pupils and parents enables the opportunity to educate students about the importance of the environment and how we can help protect it with the correct procedures of waste disposal.

Clothing Banks

We provide clothing banks to local authorities, registered charities and schools, to help make textile recycling more accessible to local communities, whilst generating unrestricted funds.

Local Authorities

We offer local authorities a excellent streamlined service. We are able to provide financial and technical support to local authorities and registered charities who avail of our clothing collection units.